A Transfer Guide for Medical Professionals

Accelerated Acupuncture Program

To obtain a Doctoral degree in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine from Yo San University, you need to complete around 3,500 hours of clinical and classroom education. Typically, this is a four-year program.

However, if you have a background in healthcare or related fields — such as being an MD, DC, Naturopathic Doctor (ND), Nurse, Physical Therapist, Physician’s Assistant, or a recent graduate in pre-medical or pre-physical therapy studies, or if you have completed one or two years of medical school — you may be eligible for an accelerated version of this program.

The accelerated program at Yo San University allows for a potential transfer of approximately 760 hours based on prior learning, especially within the Department of Clinical Biomedical Sciences (WM). This transfer is determined by evaluating your educational background and clinical experience, ensuring the program is specifically tailored to your experience.

Here’s a breakdown of the courses and potential transfer credits available:

Pre-Clinical Biological Sciences (co-requisites)

  • General Biology (WM110): 2 units, 30 hours
  • General Chemistry (WM120): 2 units, 30 hours
  • Biochemistry for Health Sciences (WM130): 2 units, 30 hours
  • Physics for Health Sciences (WM140): 2 units, 30 hours
  • General Psychology (WM160): 2 units, 30 hours
  • Total potential transfer credit: 10 units, 150 hours

Pre-Clinical Biomedicine

  • Western Medical Terminology (WM100): 2 units, 30 hours
  • Topographical Anatomy (WM150): 1 unit, 15 hours
  • Anatomy & Physiology I-III (WM151-WM153): 9 units, 135 hours
  • Pathology / Pathophysiology I-II (WM211-WM212): 6 units, 90 hours
  • Total potential transfer credit: 18 units, 270 hours

Western Clinical Sciences

  • Western Clinical Nutrition (WM220): 3 units, 45 hours
  • Western Physical Assessment (WM310): 3 units, 45 hours
  • Western Clinical Medicine I-II (WM321-WM322): 6 units, 90 hours
  • Medical Imaging & Laboratory Diagnosis (WM330): 2 units, 30 hours
  • Mental Wellness & Patient Care Psychology (WM340): 2 units, 30 hours
  • Western Pharmacology (WM360): 3 units, 45 hours
  • Survey of Health Professionals (WM350): 1 unit, 15 hours
  • Biomedical Acupuncture (WM370): 1 unit, 15 hours
  • Total potential transfer credit: 21 units, 315 hours

Professional Development & System-Based Medicine

  • History of Medicine (WM230): 2 units, 30 hours
  • Principles of Public Health (WM420): 2 units, 30 hours
  • Total potential transfer credit: 4 units, 60 hours

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Here’s what generally makes a course transferable:

  1. Curriculum Similarity: The course content, learning outcomes, and level of study (e.g., undergraduate or graduate) should closely match ours. Detailed course syllabi are often compared to assess this.
    Our academic catalog has brief course descriptions to give you a general idea.
  2. Credit Hours: The number of credit hours or units for the course must be comparable to ours.
  3. Grade Requirements: Transferable courses need to have been completed with a grade that indicates the student has sufficiently mastered the content.

Next Steps:

Here are the steps for accelerated program student consideration at YSU:

1. Introduce yourself

  • Tell us a little about yourself using the simple form below and we'll get right back to with specific details to set up your phone meeting and then a personal meeting at YSU.
  • Gather your transcripts: these can be emailed to us (unofficial for now), and will help us compare the content of your completed courses with those offered at YSU.
  • Submit an application: it's free to submit our easy application, and there's no obligation. You can do it now or later and it helps to get the process started.

2. Discuss your opportunities

During your phone and personal meeting with us, here are the topics we'll be looking at together:

  • Transfer Credit Evaluation: we'll compare the content of your completed courses with those offered at YSU. Our objective is to award you the maximum amount of credits for the work you've done and fill in any gaps in education that need to be addressed through additional coursework at YSU.
  • Clinical Training Evaluation: Given the importance of clinical training in TCM education, any previous clinical experience is closely examined.
  • Plan of Study: The Dean will outline a personalized plan of study that takes into account the transferred credits, ensuring that you can complete your degree efficiently while fulfilling all academic and clinical requirements. If gaps in knowledge or clinical experience are identified, we may recommend specific courses or workshops that you should take. This ensures that all graduates meet YSU's high standards for TCM practitioners.

3. Join the community

  • Formalizing the Transfer: Once the evaluation is complete and you agree to the proposed plan of study, the next steps involve formalizing the transfer. This includes completing our free application, submitting two letters of recommendation, official transcripts and registering for courses.
  • Orientation and Integration: we'll also discuss orientation sessions and mentorship opportunities to help you integrate into the YSU community and start their journey on the right foot.

With your academic plan set, you'll be ready to join the YSU community. Our supportive environment and commitment to the Taoist lineage of healing will enhance your journey in Traditional Chinese Medicine. You'll have access to our renowned faculty, comprehensive resources, and the unique opportunity to blend ancient techniques with modern integrative medicine practices.


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Curriculum: Doctoral Degree Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Department of Clinical Biomedical Sciences (WM)

Pre-Clinical Biological Sciences (co-requisites)

WM110General Biology230
WM120General Chemistry230
WM130Biochemistry for Health Sciences230
WM140Physics for Health Sciences230
WM160General Psychology230
Total potential transfer credit10150

Pre-Clinical Biomedicine

Course No.Course NameUnitsHours
WM100Western Medical Terminology230
WM150Topographical Anatomy115
WM151Anatomy & Physiology I345
WM152Anatomy & Physiology II345
WM153Anatomy & Physiology III345
WM211Pathology / Pathophysiology I345
WM212Pathology / Pathophysiology II345
Total potential transfer credit18270

Western Clinical Sciences

Course No.Course NameUnitsHours
WM220Western Clinical Nutrition345
WM310Western Physical Assessment345
WM321Western Clinical Medicine I345
WM322Western Clinical Medicine II345
WM330Medical Imaging & Laboratory Diagnosis230
WM340Mental Wellness & Patient Care Psychology230
WM360Western Pharmacology345
Total potential transfer credit19285
WM350Survey of Health Professionals115
WM370Biomedical Acupuncture115

Professional Development & System-Based Medicine

Course No.Course NameUnitsHours
WM230History of Medicine230
WM420Principles of Public Health230
Total potential transfer credit460
WM431Healthcare Laws & Ethics115
WM432Healthcare Business Management230
PD210Medical Writing & Communication Skills*230
PD340Research & Evidence Based Medicine*230
PD410Integrative Medicine I – Overview of Patient Care Systems*230
PD420Integrative Medicine II – Emergency Care & Procedures*230
PD430Integrative Medicine III – Emerging Collaborative Care Paradigm*230
PD450Patient Education & Counseling*115
PD500First Aid & CPR00
*required for DAcCHM

Department of Chinese Medicine (CM)

Course No.Course NameUnitsHours
CM100Chinese Medical Terminology230
CM111TCM Foundational Theories345
CM112Zang-Fu Syndromes345
CM201TCM Diagnosis345
CM202Advanced TCM Syndrome Diagnosis345
CM301TCM Internal Medicine I345
CM302TCM Internal Medicine II345
CM400Survey of TCM Specialties I345
CM411Survey of TCM Specialties II345
CM420TCM Classics I230
CM421TCM Classics II345

Department of Acupuncture  (AC)

Course No.Course NameUnitsHours
AC100Intro to Meridian Theory230
AC201Acupuncture I345
AC202Acupuncture II345
AC203Acupuncture III345
AC220Tuina & Acupressure345
AC230Acupuncture Safety & Application115
AC301Acupuncture Techniques I345
AC302Acupuncture Techniques II345
AC310Scalp & Auricular Acupuncture230
AC320Acupuncture Therapeutics I345
AC330Acupuncture Therapeutics II345
PD350Taoist Acupuncture*115

Department of Herbal Medicine (HM)

Course No.Course NameUnitsHours
HM100Intro to Chinese Herbal Medicine115
HM110TCM Herbal Materia Medica I345
HM111Herbal Lab I115
HM120TCM Herbal Materia Medica II345
HM121Herbal Lab II115
HM130TCM Herbal Materia Medica III345
HM131Herbal Lab III115
HM210TCM Herbal Formulas I345
HM220TCM Herbal Formulas II345
HM230TCM Herbal Formulas III345
HM240TCM Nutrition230
HM310Herbal Formula Construction230
HM320TCM Herbal Patent & External Medicines230
PD360Herbal Pharmacognosy*115
PD370Herbal Safety & Drug Interactions*115

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Clinical Education

CL100Intro to Clinical Patient Care230
CL310Clinical Theater (1 unit each / 2 units required)2*60
CL400Clinical Observation (1 unit each / 3 units required)3*90
CL600Clinical Internship – Level I10*300
CL611Integrative Case Studies I115
CL700Clinical Internship – Level II8*240
CL711Integrative Case Studies II115
CL800Clinical Internship – Level III8*240
CL811Integrative Case Studies III115
CL880Clinical Externship1*60
*Clinical unitsTotal1065

Department of Taoist Studies and Qi Cultivation

Course No.Course NameUnitsHours
TO100Taoism I: Principles & Foundation115
TO200Taoism II: Natural Healing115
TO300Taoism III: The Healthcare Practitioner115
QC110Self-Healing Qigong115
QC120Eight Treasures Qigong115
QC130Harmony Taijiquan115
QC140Infinichi Qigong115
QC150Dao-In Qigong Level 1115
Total units required for graduation191 units
Didactic Units158 units
Clinical Units32 units
Total hours of Program(including co-requisite courses)3,375 hours
Total units required for graduation205 units
Didactic Units172 units
Clinical Units32 units
Total hours of Program(including co-requisite courses)
3,585 hours

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