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January, 2019

Dr. Daoshing Ni:

TCM Foundation Series, a 10 part online CEU course
Free for Yo San students, alumni and faculty

Part 2: Taoist Medicine Doctrine

Acupuncture CEU Course Taoist MedicineA one hour online class.
Free today through Jan. 31, 2019
1.5 CEU’S approved by CAB and NCCAOM

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In this CEU video course, we will explore the fundamentals of Taoism and its influence on the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The advent of disease prevention, the emphasis on longevity medicine, and the moral code of ethics governing a physician’s behavior are each found in the roots of Taoist teaching.
We will also examine the origins of public health and immunization as it relates to early Taoist thought.
The practitioner will gain functional insights in the areas of food therapy, healthy aging, and treatment of chronic illnesses from the study of Taoist Medicine.

The Taoist approach to treatment strategies that are easy, economical and efficient are still highly relevant for any practitioner as a guiding principle in the modern clinical setting.

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Ancient Wisdom | Modern Medicine at Yo San University
Ancient Wisdom | Modern Medicine at Yo San University
Ancient Wisdom | Modern Medicine at Yo San University

February, 2019