YSU Alumni Association

The University and alumni work together to encourage alumni to develop strong ties with each other and the University through engaging programs and activities. The continued vitality of the Alumni Association depends on the commitment of time, energy, and resources of our graduates, who are truly “inspiring the next generation in healthcare!” We encourage you to stay connected and to get involved! Share your knowledge and experience as a TCM practitioner with Yo San students and other alumni. There are many ways to help grow and build a strong alumni presence at YSU.

Give to Yo San University’s 39th Generation Fund


  1. Become a sustaining member of the YSU Alumni Association. Email alumni@yosan.edu!
  2. Offer to host an event or volunteer at an upcoming event, and always try to attend events when possible.
  3. Mentor a Current Student or a Recent Grad. If interested, let us know by emailing alumni@yosan.edu with your areas of expertise and availability. Mentors help advise others at all stages of their careers, whether new students who need help with study skills, recent graduates starting a practice or advice for those looking to expand an area of their practice.
  4. Coordinate a Yo San Community Presentation. You might make a presentation yourself, help market the event or introduce other speakers of potential interest. For more information, please contact the Alumni Affairs Coordinator at alumni@yosan.edu.
  5. Write an article for the Yo San’s Newsletter. Writing for the Newsletter is a great way to become an inspiration to Yo San current students. Share your success story, business experience or simply a great recipe! For more information, contact the newsletter editor at alumni@yosan.edu.