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YSU Subscription CEU Series

The Way of Herbs next to a mortar and pestle drawing

Yo San University is initiating The Way of Herbs, a subscription-based CEU series with a special focus on–that’s right, you guessed it–herbalism. This ‘herbal talk series’ will provide a regular, recurring opportunity to share herbal expertise with the benefit of attendees earning their annually required CEUs.  Each distinguished speaker will share a favorite herb or formula, or anything related to herbalism on the first Friday of each month. To our knowledge, no other university offers such an enriching resource in this way to both current students and practicing alumni or peers. The class will be close to 90 minutes, with around 30 minutes for Q&A afterward. Esteemed speakers include: Daoshing Ni, Mao Shing Ni, Tim Ross, Brandt Stickley, Julie Chambers, Hua-Bing Wen, Yueying Li, Sabine Wilms, Josh Paynter, and Ron Teeguarden