The 2018 YSU Integrative Medicine Symposium was a great success!

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Over 80 attendees filled the Event Hall at YSU for the one-day symposium on January 28, 2018. The symposium theme, “Current Advances in Integrative Reproductive Medicine”, proved to be of tremendous interest to conference attendees, who said they thoroughly enjoyed the selection of topics, as well as the immense knowledge and passion of the speakers.

Presenters included a distinguished list of experts from both western biomedicine and TCM, as well as a panel comprising graduates from the YSU DAOM program highlighting their respective capstone research in Integrative Reproductive Medicine.

A big THANK YOU to the staff, volunteers, speakers/presenters, sponsors and everyone else involved in making this event the huge success that it was!!!

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New MATCM Assistant Academic Dean Named

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The Yo San University Administration is pleased to announce that Ashley Wren, L.Ac. will assume the position of Assistant Academic Dean effective immediately.

Ashley graduated from Yo San in 2013 and has served as a Clinical Teaching Assistant in our clinic since her licensure.

Please join us in a warm welcome to Ashley!

Brady Chin, L.Ac., Dipl.OM
Dean, MATCM Program

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A Message to the Yo San University Community

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In the Wake of the Las Vegas Shooting


The horrifying shooting that occurred on Sunday evening has shaken the nation. We are once again reminded that the world has changed and that acts of hate and violence can strike unexpectedly. In these uneasy times it is especially important to give thanks to all of the comforts and blessings that we have and to do our part to make this world a little better for all people and, especially, those who will inherit it from us.


Yo San University is dedicated to educating physicians and healers so that the light of kindness and generosity can illuminate the darkness. Please offer a healing prayer or meditation to those who lost their lives or were injured in Las Vegas. Please extend your thoughts to everyone who was affected around the world as well.


Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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2017 Robert Graham Visionary Awards A Success

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Yo San’s Annual Fundraising Gala Supports University’s Community Outreach Programs

On Thursday, September 14th, Yo San University held its annual fundraising gala known as the Robert Graham Visionary Award (RGVA), at the scenic Bel-Air Bay Club. With the goal of raising necessary funding in support of the University’s Community Outreach programs, the successful evening’s theme was Celebrating Pioneers in Women’s Health, and honored Dr. Kristi Funk, a long-time friend of Yo San, for her dedication and philanthropic work through her Pink Lotus Foundation.

If you’re interested in becoming an acupuncture practitioner and gaining experience at Yo San’s community outreach programs, check out our programs or give us a call at [phone-link location=””].

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Yo San Participates in National Cancer Survivors Day

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Students, Alumni and Faculty Participate in National Cancer Survivors Day

Yo San Students, Alumni, and Faculty took part in the ‘National Cancer Survivors Day’, hosted by Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center.

The daylong wellness event that attracted more than 350 attendees, took place Tuesday, June 6th. and was focused on support services for cancer patients and cancer survivors.

The YSU booth provided information on Blount Community Clinic offerings, and attendees were offered mini treatments via ear seeds as an introduction to our services.

Patients and their families, caregivers, and Kaiser staff expressed deep interest in our Acupuncture & TCM offerings and are enthusiastic about scheduling treatments at the Clinic.

Yo San participants included Melissa Estrada (Dean, Clinic), Brady Chin (Dean, MATCM), Shannon Lawrence (MATCM, ’16, a current YSU Admissions Department staff member), recent Yo San graduate, Allen Liu (MATCM, ’17), and Clinic Intern, Jennifer Haroun.

If you’re interested in becoming an Acupuncturist and participating in community events, check out our programs or give us a call at [phone-link location=””].

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Alumni Spotlight: Cari Schaefer, L.Ac

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Yo San University is proud to produce alumni that are movers and shakers in the healthcare field. We recently had the opportunity to interview YSU alumna Cari Schaefer, L.Ac., author of the The Food Solution, Amazon’s #1 New Release in its Genetically Engineered Food Nutrition department. Cari shared her insights on TCM and nutrition, her experience at YSU, and tips for becoming a successful practitioner.

Could you tell us what inspired you to write The Food Solution

I have been in practice for 16 years. Over those years, I saw time and again that if people were eating a diet that was low in nutrition and high in chemicals, they healed slowly, if at all, and that they were more likely to develop another health problem in the future.

And likewise if they ate a nutrient-dense, low in chemicals diet, they healed more quickly and the results lasted.

It has been a requirement in my practice for many years that each client do a diet consult with me. After years of my clients requesting that I write a book so they could share this information with their family and friends, I decided to listen. The Food Solution is my way of sharing

A central theme of your work is using nutrition as a healing tool.  How did your education in Traditional Chinese Medicine inform your views about food and nutrition?  

It informs everything I do. Chinese nutrition identifies the affect a food will have on the body; whether is warming or cooling, whether it is moistening or drying, which organs will benefit from eating it. This takes the mystery out of eating. Although my book is not about Chinese medical nutrition specifically, I am unable to view any substance we eat or take without these principles as the foundation. I think every nutritionist and/or herbalist would benefit from learning the principles of Chinese Medical Nutrition. I cannot imagine practicing without this foundational understanding.

You have been a successful natural health practitioner for over sixteen years.  What advice do you have for our students and alumni who wish to successfully bring the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to a broader audience?

It is all about practice management. I have watched so many really talented practitioners fail to thrive because they did not know how to properly structure a practice. Some of the big mistakes I see practitioners making is that they do not properly educate their clients.

I find that doing a report of findings (ROF) with a patient is an essential key to success. ROF’s do several things: they give the client a clear understanding of how you see their case; what markers you will be using to follow-up on their progress; they educate clients as to what is expected from them, and how long will be needed until a follow-up revaluation of their case can be expected. When a client knows what is expected of them, and that the practitioner has a clear plan, they can relax into the healing process.

I also think it is essential that practitioners have a system of monitoring a client’s progress other than symptoms. Sometimes by monitoring symptoms for progress it sets an expectation in the client that symptoms should be changing.  It is my experience that symptoms can be the last thing to change. It is important that the practitioner informs the client of how they are doing on a regular basis based on the markers they use.

I believe in the initial healing phase, it is inappropriate for a practitioner to ask a client when they would like to come back. I have seen this happen so many times. Clients do not know what is necessary for their success.  That is the practitioner’s job.  It is for the practitioner to guide the client as to what is needed for them, the practitioner, to help the client to heal, not the client’s job. Every practitioner has a different style: some see clients several times a week others once a week, some even once a month. It is the job of the practitioner to know and communicate what is needed in order to help the client.

I have watched time and again as practitioners implement simple changes like these and their practices completely change for the positive.

How did attending Yo San University shape your views on natural health? 

I believe Chinese medicine is a fantastic foundation for understanding how the body works. I remember, as I learned the medicine, my view of health, and life itself changed and broadened. Without this understanding, I cannot imagine what it would be like to attempt to unravel the complexities of human health.

Why did you choose YSU? 

I chose YSU because of the Qi program. It is what made it stand out from the other educational programs I researched.

What are the benefits of attending YSU?

YSU did an excellent job at combining a strong Western foundation with an exceptional Chinese medical program. I transferred to YSU from another school that thought teaching Western medicine was not necessary. YSU’s program integrated the two, which felt more complete to me. Also, the nutrition program at YSU is what initiated my love of nutrition as a healing modality.

How do you feel your training at YSU has given you an edge?

Having a strong medical background allows me to easily interface with other healthcare providers in a way that helps build mutual respect and provide a better level of integrated care.

What is your overall feeling about your experience at YSU? 

YSU provided me the solid foundational understanding of Chinese medicine that I needed to succeed, not only at passing my Boards, but also to continue to succeed and grow as a successful healthcare provider.

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Westside Readers Choose YSU Community Clinic as “Best Acupuncture Center”

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In September, the Yo San University Community Clinic was awarded “Best Acupuncture Center” in The Argonaut’s annual “Best of the Westside” edition. Each year, Yo San University Community Clinic provides more than 20,000 treatments with proactive and collaborative approaches to our patients care. Thank you to everyone who voted! And a special thank you  for the concerned care provided by our student interns, experienced clinical faculty, and our team of licensed acupuncturists. We’ll continue providing the same high level of service you’ve come to expect.

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