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Dr. Daoshing Ni featured at the 2018 Integrative Fertility Symposium

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Dr. Daoshing Ni was a featured speaker at the 2018 Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver, British Columbia, April 27-29. What he didn’t learn until Saturday noon during the conference was that he was being honored by the conference for being a pioneer and trailblazer in the field of integrative reproductive medicine. Conference organizer Dr. Lorne Brown presented Dr. Dao with a beautiful glass sculpture of an inukshuk, an Inuit trail marker that leaders make to assure those who follow along that they are on the right path. Congratulations, Dr. Dao!


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The 2018 YSU Integrative Medicine Symposium was a great success!

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Over 80 attendees filled the Event Hall at YSU for the one-day symposium on January 28, 2018. The symposium theme, “Current Advances in Integrative Reproductive Medicine”, proved to be of tremendous interest to conference attendees, who said they thoroughly enjoyed the selection of topics, as well as the immense knowledge and passion of the speakers.

Presenters included a distinguished list of experts from both western biomedicine and TCM, as well as a panel comprising graduates from the YSU DAOM program highlighting their respective capstone research in Integrative Reproductive Medicine.

A big THANK YOU to the staff, volunteers, speakers/presenters, sponsors and everyone else involved in making this event the huge success that it was!!!

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Three MATCM Concentrations Announced

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A Letter to the Yo San University Community
From the Office of the President

July 1, 2015

Dear Students, Alumni, Faculty and Friends of YSU,

Today, after months of careful assessment and planning, I am pleased to announce the establishment of three advanced concentrations that will be available for our MATCM students, beginning with the Fall 2015 trimester. This timely curriculum update reflects our recognition of the rapid evolution of healthcare towards a more holistic and integrative model. It also underscores YSU’s commitment to provide our students with an exceptional acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine education, and the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

The three new concentrations are:
Taoism & Qi Cultivation
Women’s & Children’s Health
Acupuncture Orthopedics & Pain Management

We chose these areas of focus with intention. First, we requested input from our core constituents: students, alumni faculty, staff, board, patients and strategic partners, many of whom are recognized leaders in the field. Then, through our strategic planning efforts, we delved into their feedback and analyzed internal and external data regarding market and healthcare trends. In our selection of concentrations, it is important for all to understand the imperative to stay true to the founding principles of the University, while enhancing the body of relevant educational instruction. I am confident that this change in curriculum will ensure students are even better prepared to improve the health and wellness of their patients and communities. The enhanced course offerings also will enable them to move more confidently into an increasingly interdisciplinary and integrative care environment.

We are pleased that this fundamental update is being accomplished without adding to the length or cost of our program. Historically, students have been required to take 12 Qi units as part of their MATCM curriculum, and maintain our market-distinctive Qi program, in that all students will continue to take six units of Qi Cultivation, in addition to three units of Taoist studies. However, each student will now be able to select a six-unit advanced concentration in Women’s and Children’s Health, Acupuncture Orthopedics & Pain Management or Taoism & Qi Cultivation. For even greater flexibility, it will be possible to create a unique interdisciplinary course combination.

The demand for integrative TCM is growing. Yo San University is excited to be stepping up to meet this demand with meaningful curriculum innovation, and we will be further expanding on these efforts in the months ahead. I am confident that our students and graduates will continue to distinguish themselves for their deep commitment to personal growth and professional excellence. We are honored to be educating the next generation of healthcare.

Lois Green
President + C.E.O.


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