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Live Well Live long – Teachings from the Chinese Nourishment of Life Tradition – a one day seminar with Peter Deadman

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On Oct 26, 2018 Yo San University welcomed Peter Deadman as our honored speaker for the 2nd Annual Blount Distinguished Speaker Event  “Live Well Live long – Teachings from the Chinese Nourishment of Life Tradition”

The seminar included early morning qigong, an introduction to yangsheng and a detailed look at the cultivation of mind, body and emotions to enhance health and wellbeing. Throughout the day, traditional teachings were applied to the findings of the last few decades of lifestyle research.

YSU Alumni were invited back for free CEUs and exclusive lunch.

Dr. Lawrence Lau, YSU President, announced “In celebration of the University’s 30th Anniversary in 2019, we are offering the first 30 YSU Alumni a 30% discount on tuition for the YSU Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (DAOM) program enrolling in Summer 2019.”

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New MATCM Assistant Academic Dean Named

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The Yo San University Administration is pleased to announce that Ashley Wren, L.Ac. will assume the position of Assistant Academic Dean effective immediately.

Ashley graduated from Yo San in 2013 and has served as a Clinical Teaching Assistant in our clinic since her licensure.

Please join us in a warm welcome to Ashley!

Brady Chin, L.Ac., Dipl.OM
Dean, MATCM Program

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Yo San Participates in National Cancer Survivors Day

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Students, Alumni and Faculty Participate in National Cancer Survivors Day

Yo San Students, Alumni, and Faculty took part in the ‘National Cancer Survivors Day’, hosted by Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center.

The daylong wellness event that attracted more than 350 attendees, took place Tuesday, June 6th. and was focused on support services for cancer patients and cancer survivors.

The YSU booth provided information on Blount Community Clinic offerings, and attendees were offered mini treatments via ear seeds as an introduction to our services.

Patients and their families, caregivers, and Kaiser staff expressed deep interest in our Acupuncture & TCM offerings and are enthusiastic about scheduling treatments at the Clinic.

Yo San participants included Melissa Estrada (Dean, Clinic), Brady Chin (Dean, MATCM), Shannon Lawrence (MATCM, ’16, a current YSU Admissions Department staff member), recent Yo San graduate, Allen Liu (MATCM, ’17), and Clinic Intern, Jennifer Haroun.

If you’re interested in becoming an Acupuncturist and participating in community events, check out our programs or give us a call at [phone-link location=””].

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Dean of DAOM Program Appointment

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Yo San University is pleased to announce the appointment of

Dr. Laraine Crampton, DAOM, L.Ac as Dean of the University’s DAOM Program.

Dr. Crampton received her MATCM and DAOM degrees from Yo San University, where she has served as a faculty member for the past 22 years. She has been the Chair of the MATCM Qi Cultivation department from 2007, and has been the interim Dean in the DAOM program since April 2016

A seasoned clinician with special interest in Longevity and Internal Medicine, Dr. Crampton has had a private acupuncture practice in Santa Monica, CA for 18 years, where she enjoys caring for multi-generations families. She came to TCM from a background in professional writing, media production and education, including serving as adjunct professor in the USC School of Business Administration.

Dr. Crampton can be reached at 310.577.3000 ext 115, or via email at lcrampton@yosan.edu.

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Crampton to the YSU team.

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Yo San University Partners with Kaiser Permanente on National Cancer Survivor Day

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Cancer offers a unique insight into how individuals, families, and even communities rally together for life during what can be the most uncertain roller coaster we might ever ride. Fittingly, June 7 each year, National Cancer Survivor Day, is not only about the struggle to defeat cancer but is a true celebration of life.

That’s why this year YSU was invited to join Kaiser West LA in raising awareness of the benefits of healthy living and what TCM has to offer all of us in the prevention and combatting of Cancer.  YSU alumni and students participated by staffing a booth for patients and families to visit, and Dr. Lawrence Lao was a featured speaker during the annual event.  His presentation on acupuncture’s effectiveness in integrative cancer care was well-attended and received by all taking advantage of the insight and tips on offer.

At the YSU table, student-interns Pam Murphy and Tara Das were busy providing ear seed treatments and demonstrations to the many attendees who curiously stopped. They also took the opportunity to pass along information on the benefits of acupuncture as a treatment for both cancer and the neurotoxicity caused by cancer treatments. Plus, all were invited to the YSU Blount Community Clinic to review their options for integrative care. By the end of the event, we reached more than 250 people and each left with a flyer or brochure!

For those who were unable to make it to Yo San University, or who wanted a provider that accepted Kaiser Insurance, we were joined by professors John Barber and Ed Sullivan. Professor Sullivan provided information on support groups and medical Qi Gong groups that could take care of patients in the San Fernando Valley while Professor Barber offered his services as an approved acupuncturist for Kaiser’s insurance program.

While this event was a success for YSU and attendees, it is just another example of how the YSU Community and our partners are cultivating understanding and transforming lives by providing the community with information and integrative medical services.

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Spring 2016 Dean’s Prize Winner

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Congratulations to Lisa Gridley, the Spring 2016 recipient of the Yo San University Dean’s Prize. The Dean’s Prize is awarded to the student achieving the highest score on the MATCM Graduation Exam. Below Lisa shares tips, tricks and wise words about getting through the program.

What are your tips for achieving high test scores?

To start, I think it is important to not miss any classes.  Pay attention, take notes, and stay current with the material.  Then when it is time to start thinking about the big exams like preclinical, grad, nationals, and CALE…START EARLY.  There is simply no way around it.  You must study.  Again and again.  Review the material.  Read the books.  Write out notes and charts.  Find patterns in the material.  Take review courses.  Take sample tests.  And when the time comes and you take the test, there won’t be any more stress because you are ready.  You have put in the time to earn the knowledge.  Nothing of great value should come easily.  This is life long study and practice.  While we are in the Master’s program, this is our foundation for our own journey into the practice of the medicine, which will continue to evolve in our understanding.  It is important to have the best foundation laid in order to build a great and strong house.  So, take the time to study.

What are your success habits?

Whatever I do, I try and do it well and with my whole heart and attention.  Through many years of practicing yoga and meditation, I feel that has helped build the ability to focus and have sustained concentration. So, I highly recommend Qi cultivation and meditation.

Do you have an ideal place to study?

Yes!  For the first few years at Yo San, I really enjoyed spending long hours at various coffee shops within a 10 mile radius.  There are many cute little places that made it “exciting” to try something new, yet also comforting since I knew that I could stay for hours without feeling awkward.  I like the coffee shops because they often have the energy of people studying or working on something they find interesting.  I also like to people watch, and this also makes it a good place for me because it is important to take frequent short breaks, yet be able to get back on track quickly.  The last year I have changed my habits to mostly studying at home which I used to find very difficult because for some reason the moment I would sit down to study, 10 minutes would go by and my mind and then body would go to task on deep cleaning or organizing the house…hours would go by and the house would be clean and files meticulously put away, but not much studying accomplished.  So home study only worked for me much later in the program.

Do you utilize study groups?

Occasionally yes, and they have been helpful.  For heavy duty study periods, like preparing for the preclinical, I studied 6 to 8 hours a day for 3 weeks over Christmas break in coffee shops with the amazing Sandra Hung.  For us, that worked out well because we reviewed on our own, writing out notes and charts next to each other, and then would summarize to the other out loud explaining what we learned.  It also made it quicker to clarify depending on who understood or remembered a particular aspect better.  It made it more fun and easier to put in long dedicated hours.  So yes, I think study groups are very helpful, but it does NOT take the place of all of the individual work one has to take the time to dedicate.  Start studying, reading, reviewing, and organizing the material early, like starting the trimester BEFORE the big test you want to take (that would equal roughly 6 to 7 months of regular review before the test), and then for the extra boost get in with your study buddy or small group.

Any tips regarding achieving a school/life balance?

Haha.  Good luck!  This has been challenging for me! I worked 20 to 30 hours a week for the first 3 years of school, have a wonderful boyfriend and full-time school.  This made it hardest to find time for me.  But, I guess in a way the whole program is something I am doing for me so I can help others and have a career doing just that.  So with that logic, in a strange way, school has been a lot of “me” time, and I have really enjoyed being a student.

I think I went up and down with periods where I felt overwhelmed and frazzled, sometimes letting the pressure I put on myself to get the best of me.  To get and keep me grounded, I found refuge in always going back to the basics…healthy routines of getting to sleep at a reasonable hour so I could wake up early enough to have time to exercise in the morning.  Exercise has really helped bring in more energy throughout the day, especially because of all of the time spent sitting in classes and studying.  So whatever kind you enjoy, I highly suggest finding the time to keep it up.  While I enjoyed learning different Qi exercises in the program, my main Qi cultivation practice continues to be an at-home practice of Sivananda Yoga, so when I also made time to do the asanas and breathing exercises, I noticed a big difference.  Also eating healthily so I had the proper fuel for my mind and body…however, I have to admit I made it a point to indulge when I needed to ease the stress.  And making sure to make my loved ones the priority by taking time at the end of each day where I could set the studies aside and enjoy time with just them.  A happy home has been a great support through all of the school stresses.  And I always found peace when spending time outside, breathing fresh air and taking a nice walk whether it was in the neighborhood, on the beach, or on a hike in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Oh, and I can’t forget the benefit of weekly acupuncture treatments!  While I kept this practice on and off throughout, I highly recommend it regularly. Not only has it helped keep me in balance, but before I was even in the clinic portion, I gained understanding through getting treatments from many different interns under different supervisors and experiencing it through a patient’s eyes.  I consider this part of my education, but it has also helped my overall health tremendously.

I also think while being a dedicated and serious student is necessary, it is equally as important to relax and smile and enjoy this beautiful journey and gift of learning the Tao of Chinese medicine, in all its infinite simplicity, diversity, and complexity.  And don’t worry, some of the material will come naturally and other parts take time to marinade…in the famous words of the ole 1988 song by Bobby McFerrin, “In every life we have some trouble, but when we worry we make it double. Don’t worry, be happy now.”  So, enjoy the ride and know mistakes, missteps, and life challenges are bound to come up, but keep your smile and dedication. Everyone’s journey will have their own unique approach, so always check in with yourself and your spirit and see if you are feeling connected and fulfilled. Be honest with yourself with what is working and what needs adjusting.  Yo San is a great community with wonderful students and staff, so if you need help there will certainly be some support to guide you if you need.

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Don Lee, L.Ac. featured in the December 2015 Issue of Health!

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Faculty member Don Lee, L.Ac. was featured in this month’s issue of Health! A nationally recognized expert in orthopedics and pain, Don teaches exclusively at YSU. Click on the link and read the article “A User’s Manual: Alternative Medicine” below.

A User’s Manual: Alternative Medicine

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New MATCM Scholarships Announced

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Inspiring a new generation of healthcare starts with our students! A recommitment to student achievement and professional focus is beginning at YSU.

Inspiring a new generation of healthcare starts with our students! A recommitment to student achievement and professional focus is beginning at YSU. A critical component of making Yo San accessible for students is awarding innovation, academic achievement, and community involvement with new scholarships.

Every trimester’s incoming class represents a rebirth and recommitment for the institution. It requires a commitment of all our community and would not be possible without our generous donors as Vice President of University Advancement & Student Affairs Scott Sivley noted, “[a]s a non-profit university, our focus on student development is uncompromised. We are all thankful for the alumni and friends who donate to ensure a YSU education maintains a high level of excellence.”

In working with donors, we specifically conceived our scholarship offerings to enhance the specific mission and core values of YSU. By highlighting student achievement and commitment to others, we hope to instill such values in all of our students to carry forward in their careers.

To learn about all scholarship opportunities and for application details, you may read more here.

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Three MATCM Concentrations Announced

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A Letter to the Yo San University Community
From the Office of the President

July 1, 2015

Dear Students, Alumni, Faculty and Friends of YSU,

Today, after months of careful assessment and planning, I am pleased to announce the establishment of three advanced concentrations that will be available for our MATCM students, beginning with the Fall 2015 trimester. This timely curriculum update reflects our recognition of the rapid evolution of healthcare towards a more holistic and integrative model. It also underscores YSU’s commitment to provide our students with an exceptional acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine education, and the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

The three new concentrations are:
Taoism & Qi Cultivation
Women’s & Children’s Health
Acupuncture Orthopedics & Pain Management

We chose these areas of focus with intention. First, we requested input from our core constituents: students, alumni faculty, staff, board, patients and strategic partners, many of whom are recognized leaders in the field. Then, through our strategic planning efforts, we delved into their feedback and analyzed internal and external data regarding market and healthcare trends. In our selection of concentrations, it is important for all to understand the imperative to stay true to the founding principles of the University, while enhancing the body of relevant educational instruction. I am confident that this change in curriculum will ensure students are even better prepared to improve the health and wellness of their patients and communities. The enhanced course offerings also will enable them to move more confidently into an increasingly interdisciplinary and integrative care environment.

We are pleased that this fundamental update is being accomplished without adding to the length or cost of our program. Historically, students have been required to take 12 Qi units as part of their MATCM curriculum, and maintain our market-distinctive Qi program, in that all students will continue to take six units of Qi Cultivation, in addition to three units of Taoist studies. However, each student will now be able to select a six-unit advanced concentration in Women’s and Children’s Health, Acupuncture Orthopedics & Pain Management or Taoism & Qi Cultivation. For even greater flexibility, it will be possible to create a unique interdisciplinary course combination.

The demand for integrative TCM is growing. Yo San University is excited to be stepping up to meet this demand with meaningful curriculum innovation, and we will be further expanding on these efforts in the months ahead. I am confident that our students and graduates will continue to distinguish themselves for their deep commitment to personal growth and professional excellence. We are honored to be educating the next generation of healthcare.

Lois Green
President + C.E.O.


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California Acupuncture Licensing Exam on August 19, 2015

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It was a hot week in Sacramento as Yo San University alumni gathered to take the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam on August 19, 2015. After having spent the last 4-7 years working diligently to complete their MATCM degrees, our recent graduates faced the 5 hour exam with what appeared to be confidence. While the exam presented difficult questions with uncertain answers, a few students voiced their opinions that both the education and qualification exams at YSU had adequately prepared them for the experience of the California Board Exam. Marilyn Allen and the American Acupuncture Council provided a complimentary lunch for everyone taking the exam, and joined with other organizations in congratulating everyone afterwards for having endured such a difficult test.


As with previous Yo San groups, students came together to celebrate in the evening with some food, drink, and good company. We wish them luck as they wait to hear back about their results. Golden tickets all around!

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