Clinical Partnerships at Yo San University

At Yo San University, we are dedicated to enhancing community health through our partnerships with several multidisciplinary medical facilities. Our off-site clinical training locations include:

These partnerships enrich the services available to our clinic patients by incorporating the latest practices and insights from diverse healthcare settings.

Patients at our clinics benefit from the comprehensive care provided by our skilled interns, who are trained in multimodal treatment strategies. These strategies effectively address a wide range of health concerns, including chronic diseases, pain management, obesity prevention and management, and mental health. Our approach to patient care is integrative, combining traditional techniques with innovative methods to offer the most effective treatments.

Since 2000, our commitment to community health has led to the provision of over 255,000 free or subsidized treatments through our Community Clinic and externship programs. This achievement underscores our dedication to ensuring accessible, high-quality healthcare for all. When you choose to receive treatment at one of our clinics, you not only benefit from our holistic approach to healthcare but also contribute to the education of the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Yo San University and The Wellness Center: A Partnership for Holistic Health

Yo San University, a leader in Traditional Chinese Medicine education, is proud to announce a significant collaboration with The Wellness Center (TWC) at the LAC + USC Historic General Hospital. This partnership marks a significant step in our commitment to extend holistic health care to the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles and beyond.

Bridging Traditional Medicine and Community Health

Expanding Care in Boyle Heights Our agreement with TWC enables Yo San University student interns to practice at TWC's facility, located in the historic site of LA County + USC Medical Center.

A Shared Vision for Wellness The Wellness Center, since its inception in 2014, has been a cornerstone in East Los Angeles for integrated health care. With a 30,000 square foot multi-service facility, TWC has continuously worked to increase accessibility to services, foster collaboration among non-profits, and encourage community development, especially in underserved areas.

Rosa Soto, TWC's Executive Director, emphasizes the alignment of our missions, stating that TWC's goal to "inspire and empower residents and patients to take control of their own health and wellbeing" resonates deeply with Yo San University's holistic and person-centered approach. This synergy is at the heart of our collaboration.

Cultivating a New Generation of TCM Practitioners

Externships: Real-World Experience for Students The significance of our externship program is a distinctive feature of our educational offerings. The partnership with TWC not only enriches our existing array of externship sites but also provides our students with unparalleled opportunities to explore new ideas and methods for delivering culturally-competent care. At TWC, our students are exposed to a diverse population, allowing them to develop skills and knowledge that are crucial in today’s multifaceted healthcare environment.

A Commitment to Diverse, Inclusive Healthcare Through this collaboration, Yo San University students will have the unique opportunity to apply their learning in a real-world setting, contributing to the wellness of the Boyle Heights community. The experience gained at TWC will equip our students with the necessary tools to serve a wide range of health and wellness concerns, honing their abilities to provide care that is both effective and culturally sensitive.

In conclusion, the partnership between Yo San University and The Wellness Center at the LAC + USC Historic General Hospital is more than a collaboration; it's a convergence of traditional wisdom and modern healthcare practices. It is a step forward in our ongoing mission to promote holistic health and wellbeing, serving as a model for future healthcare collaborations. Together, we are setting new standards in integrative healthcare, making a lasting impact on the communities we serve.

venice family clinic logoCollaborative Healthcare: Yo San University and Venice Family Clinic

At Yo San University, a premier institution for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles, our collaboration with Venice Family Clinic embodies our commitment to integrative healthcare and community well-being. This partnership is a testament to our dedication to providing holistic health solutions, where our interns and graduate students bring the ancient art of acupuncture to the clinic’s diverse patient base.

Acupuncture at Venice Family Clinic: A Blend of Tradition and Modern Healthcare

Comprehensive Care for Diverse Needs Venice Family Clinic, renowned for its high-quality, comprehensive health care, serves a vital role in ensuring accessible medical services for all, regardless of financial circumstances. Our collaboration enhances this mission by integrating acupuncture into their array of treatments. Acupuncture, rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is adept at addressing a multitude of conditions, including pain, insomnia, anxiety, and stress, thus offering a unique dimension to the Clinic’s already robust healthcare services.

Expertise and Education in Action The acupuncture services at Venice Family Clinic are provided by skilled master’s and doctoral degree students from Yo San University. Under the watchful eye of licensed practitioners, these students not only apply their extensive theoretical knowledge but also gain invaluable practical experience. This synergy of education and real-world application fortifies our students' learning while enriching the health care options available at the Clinic.

A Commitment to Integrative Medicine Lisa Cederblom, FNP-C, clinical lead for the Integrative Medicine program at Venice Family Clinic, emphasizes the Clinic’s dedication to holistic care. The inclusion of acupuncture as a treatment modality exemplifies this commitment, catering especially to patients with coexisting conditions, where traditional Western medicine is complemented with this traditional healing technique.

Transformative Results and Patient-Centric Approach

Rapid and Sustained Relief Acupuncture, as practiced at the Clinic, has shown notable efficacy. While acute conditions may see improvement in just one or two sessions, chronic issues often require a more prolonged treatment plan. Beyond needle insertion, our Yo San University students, under professional guidance, may propose comprehensive treatment plans that include dietary modifications, sleep pattern adjustments, and mindfulness practices to augment the healing process.

Success Stories and Patient Experiences Dr. Shannon Lawrence, a volunteer clinician and supervisor from Yo San University, highlights the significant improvements observed in patients’ health. One notable case involved a patient with knee and hip pain and long COVID-related breathing difficulties. Acupuncture not only alleviated her pain but also improved her breathing and overall quality of life.

Fostering Healthier Communities

A Vision of Holistic Community Health Dr. Lawrence’s dedication to supervising students at Venice Family Clinic stems from a belief in the shared goal of fostering healthier communities. She emphasizes the ripple effect of community health on the broader cityscape. Our students, inspired by this vision, find their work at the Clinic to be a profound reminder of their purpose in healthcare.

Expanding Access and Demand The Clinic’s weekly acupuncture clinic in Santa Monica is a beacon of hope for many. With treatments available through referral, the demand for acupuncture is growing, reflecting its effectiveness and the patients’ appreciation of this ancient healing art.

In summary, the collaboration between Yo San University and Venice Family Clinic is more than a partnership; it's a convergence of traditional wisdom and modern healthcare, aimed at nurturing the health and well-being of the community. Our joint efforts not only provide vital health services but also shape the future of integrative medicine, one patient at a time.


Yo San University and Wise & Healthy Aging: A Partnership for Elderly Wellness

Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine proudly collaborates with Wise & Healthy Aging in Santa Monica, a nationally recognized leader in elder care, to enhance the well-being of older adults. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to serving the community and advancing the practice of acupuncture in geriatric care.

Integrating Acupuncture in Geriatric Wellness

A Unique Collaboration for Holistic Care Our exclusive relationship with Wise & Healthy Aging has led to the establishment of an acupuncture clinic that serves as a model for community-based integrative health. Yo San University provides medical supervision and graduate students to deliver acupuncture treatments, while Wise & Healthy Aging offers marketing, space, and administrative support.

Enriching Student Experience Our fourth-year master's degree student externs, like Emily Keaty, gain invaluable specialized training in working with older adults. This experience goes beyond academic learning, fostering a deep understanding of the unique health needs of aging adults. Students are not only trained in acupuncture techniques but also learn to appreciate the critical role these services play in helping seniors lead active, healthier lives.

Transformative Impact on Elderly Patients Acupuncture has proven to be particularly effective for the elderly, addressing issues that are often side effects of medication. Treatments focus on enhancing blood pressure control, respiratory function, memory, motor skills, and gait smoothness. Emily Keaty's experience with a dementia patient highlights the profound impact of acupuncture in restoring moments of cohesiveness and dignity in seniors.

Tailoring Acupuncture for the Elderly

Special Sensitivity and Adaptation As Dr. Daoshing Ni, YSU Co-Founder and Wise & Healthy Aging Board member, points out, working with seniors requires special sensitivity. Treatments may start with fewer needles and gradually increase as patients become more comfortable. This patient-centered approach ensures that acupuncture is not only effective but also respectful of the elderly's unique needs.

The Clinical Experience At Wise & Healthy Aging, patients receive care in a supportive environment. They undergo a comprehensive interview, followed by the careful placement of acupuncture needles, and a period of deep relaxation. Our interns, supervised by experienced faculty  provide these hour-long treatments, emphasizing efficiency, gentleness, and kindness.

Additional Wellness Activities Alongside acupuncture, Qigong classes, a form of Tai Chi stretching, are offered to enhance the treatment experience. These classes have been popular among seniors and staff, highlighting the importance of gentle exercise in elderly care.

Expanding Access and Preparing for the Future

Responding to Growing Demand The acupuncture clinic's success is evident in the increasing demand, leading to the expansion of clinic sessions. This growth reflects the community's appreciation and need for such integrative care services.

Addressing a Growing Senior Population With the senior population expected to rise significantly, Yo San University and Wise & Healthy Aging are actively exploring ways to introduce more older adults to the benefits of acupuncture. Today's seniors seek holistic, cost-effective, patient-centered care, which is precisely what acupuncture offers.

A Testament to Community Service and Education

Through our collaboration with Wise & Healthy Aging, Yo San University's interns have provided over 21,000 patient treatments annually, including free or subsidized treatments supported by our donors. This partnership not only enriches the educational experience of our students but also ensures that the elderly in our community have access to compassionate, effective health care. It stands as a shining example of how Traditional Chinese Medicine can be integrated into modern healthcare, particularly in geriatric care, to improve the quality of life for our aging population.


Yo San University and Being Alive: A Partnership for Compassionate Care

Yo San University is honored to collaborate with Being Alive, a non-profit membership organization deeply committed to supporting Los Angeles residents living with HIV/AIDS. This partnership reflects our shared dedication to holistic health and community service.

A Union of Traditional Chinese Medicine and HIV/AIDS Support

Comprehensive Care for the HIV Community Being Alive serves as a vital resource for people who are HIV positive and medically stable. The organization offers an array of services including support groups, social events, vocational services, and a broad spectrum of complementary health care services. These services encompass reflexology, acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage, hypnotherapy, Tai Chi, and more. Our collaboration with Being Alive allows Yo San University students specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine to complete a significant portion of their clinical training within this supportive environment.

Empowering Through Holistic Health The partnership provides a dual benefit. For individuals living with HIV/AIDS, it ensures greater access to a variety of complementary care options. For our students, it offers invaluable clinical experience, allowing them to apply their learning in a real-world setting that emphasizes empathy, understanding, and holistic health care.

A Shared Mission for a Healthier Community

Fostering a Stronger, Healthier HIV Community Being Alive's mission resonates with Yo San University's ethos of nurturing and empowering communities. As an organization created and operated by and for people living with HIV/AIDS, Being Alive focuses on building a healthier and more powerful community of HIV-positive individuals. This aligns seamlessly with our goal of educating practitioners who are not just skilled in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but who are also compassionate and community-minded.

Tangible Impact and Outreach Through the dedication of over 100 volunteers, Being Alive has made a significant impact, offering direct services to over 1,200 residents in Los Angeles and extending its community education reach to an additional 12,000 people nationwide. This remarkable outreach is a testament to the organization's commitment and effectiveness in addressing the needs of the HIV community.

A Commitment to Integrative and Inclusive Health Care

The collaboration between Yo San University and Being Alive exemplifies our commitment to integrative health care and inclusivity. We are proud to contribute to the wellbeing of the HIV-positive community through this partnership, providing not only physical health services but also supporting emotional and social wellbeing. Our students gain not just clinical skills, but also an understanding of the unique challenges and needs of those living with HIV/AIDS. This experience is invaluable in shaping compassionate and knowledgeable practitioners who are well-equipped to serve diverse communities.

At Yo San University, we believe in the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine to transform lives, and through our partnership with Being Alive, we are able to extend this transformative care to one of the most vulnerable communities in Los Angeles. Together, we continue to work towards a healthier, more inclusive world.