DAOM Integrative Clinical Education

DAOM Program tools laid out, including a stethoscope, cupping materials, reflex hammers, acupuncture needles and a blood pressure cuff.
Traditional Chinese Medicine Tools
Promoting a diverse learning experience to ensure our students are prepared to pursue their practice interests and meet their patients’ needs, YSU partners with an array of medical organizations to augment each students’ clinical training. Our students have access to integrative medical settings that range from HIV /AIDS to pediatrics to healthy aging and everything in between to mirror the expanding role acupuncture and TCM play in healthcare today.


Each site supplements the clinical experience for students with unique integrative medical settings. Through these partnerships, students engage in multi-modality treatment approaches for chronic diseases, pain management, obesity prevention and management, and mental health. Together with our partners, we provide treatments to more than 21,000 patients each year.

Yo San University partners include:

  • Venice Family Clinic, Simms/Mann Health and Wellness Center
  • Being Alive Los Angeles Wellness Center in West Hollywood
  • WISE & Healthy Aging in Santa Monica
  • Virginia House Care Center in Tarzana

Integrative Learning Experiences

Site partners in this category help broaden the range of observational experiences for our students. The growing utilization of acupuncture in surgery or rehabilitation and physical therapy highlights the additional opportunities for collaboration or career pathways once unheard of for acupuncturists.