The University’s Title IX Coordinator and §504 Special Accommodations Coordinator is:

Sean Gates

Director of Student Affairs
310-577-3000 ext. 122

We work with students, faculty, staff, visitors, and applicants.

We can help with:

Harassment or discrimination based on a protected category, such as harassment based on race, religion, national origin, age, or any of the protected categories including: Sexual harassment, Sexual assault, Title IX issues, Age Discrimination Act (AgeDA), Section 504 of the, Rehabilitation Act/ADA, Violence in the workplace, Protecting minors in the workplace, Affirmative Action and VETS-100 compliance.

* Students who believe they have experienced harassment or discrimination due to the conduct of another student (a student-on-student situation) should contact Student Affairs.

Protected categories include: race, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender, age, color, marital status, medical condition, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, and any other characteristic, which may from time to time be specified in laws and regulations.

Complaints and Appeals Process

If you feel your rights have been abridged, we offer general information regarding the nature and process of information gathering and adjudication of matters. Individual cases may vary. Sometimes your complaint will be routed to the most appropriate office, but you can always find forms and advice here.

Title IX

It is not just about sports, and Title IX applies for women and men. It applies to all educational programs and activities operated by recipients of federal financial aid related to education and employment fall under the requirements of.

Title IX refers to the following federal regulation: No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. (20 U.S.C. § 1681, et seq.)

Full TItle IX Policy

  • 504 of the Rehabilitation Act / ADA

The University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students, staff, and faculty who have disabilities, to ensure that all are given an equal opportunity for learning and performing the essential functions of their work positions.

Harassment or Discrimination

For all those who have protected class status (see protected categories) who believe themselves to be harmed by harassment (sexual or any type) or discrimination. Should a complaint of harassment or discrimination be brought to your attention, contact Human Resources immediately*. In order to assure that all complaints are addressed quickly and appropriately, departments may not proceed in any way to investigate allegations of this sort on their own.

The university is firmly committed to complying with all applicable laws and governmental regulations at the federal, state and local levels which prohibit discrimination, or which mandate that special consideration be given, on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, age, Vietnam veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic which may from time to time be specified in such laws and regulations.

Special protections for employees are also available concerning family care leave or its denial, pregnancy disability or its denial, or retaliation for complaints related to any protected class.


It is a violation of university policy to retaliate against anyone for exercising the right to make a complaint. This includes attempts or threats of retaliation, or efforts to impede an investigation. Retaliation is a violation of this policy whether or not the underlying claim of harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual assault is proven. Anyone who perceives retaliation should immediately notify our office.

Age Discrimination Act (AgeDA)

Protects all from discrimination based on age who participate in educational programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. The Age Discrimination Act of 1975 prohibits discrimination based on age in programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. The Department of Equity and Diversity serves as the University’s AgeDA coordinating service.
Learn more about Age Discrimination regulations.