MATCM Curriculum Overview

Yo San University's in-depth Acupuncture Program in Los Angeles is a life changing experience. Watch yourself progress over four years of inquiry and practice.

Year One: A Fundamental Year – Discover the Medicine

Students are introduced to fundamental principles and theories of all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture and Chinese herbal pharmacopoeia. You will learn basic biomedical sciences and Qi Cultivation courses. During the first year and after your first herbology courses, you will begin observation and service in the Community Clinic Herbal Dispensary.

Year Two: An Accumulation Year – Observe the Medicine

Your development continues for the practice of acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine with courses in clinical nutrition, pathophysiology and psychology of patient care. TCM diagnosis, basic needling techniques, and herbal formulations are taught and practiced. Students also learn Tuina, the Chinese equivalent of physical therapy, along with concepts and practices in both TCM and Western nutrition. Advanced Qi Cultivation courses are available. Through the various Clinical Theater courses, students observe licensed faculty/practitioners manage real ­life clinical patients in the various modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Year Three: A Transitional Year – Apply the Medicine

You will deepen your knowledge and understanding of both TCM and Western clinical sciences through a series of classes focused on the clinical aspects of the medicine. Courses are clinically ­oriented to prepare you for your clinical internship. You will continue to observe and assist clinical interns in the care and management of patients. Students also have the opportunity to observe clinicians at work in various off­site clinical externship programs affiliated with Yo San University.

Year Four: The Clinic Internship – Become the Medicine

Upon passing the Pre­Clinical examination, usually toward the end of the third year, and fulfilling all the required coursework, you will embark on the final stage of the program: Clinical Internship. The clinical program at Yo San University comprises three levels of internship training, with increasing levels of direct participation and responsibilities for patient care and management. Intern activities include assessment and examination of patients, formulation of diagnosis and treatment plan, and the implementation of treatment with TCM modalities. You will be guided by experienced, licensed supervisors to develop and maintain the highest standards of professionalism and responsibility until such standards become a fundamental characteristic.

See yourself grow with Yo San's Master's of Acupuncture Program in Los Angeles