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Neijing Acupuncture Theory

Instructor: Dr. Joseph Yang, Ph.D., L.Ac.


Date: SUNDAY, APRIL 8, 2018 

Time: 9AM – 4PM

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Known as the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) classic, the Neijing is the fundamental text that acts as the foundation for all TCM theory, including acupuncture theory and its techniques.

This one-day course will focus on the theory, diagnosis and needling techniques based on the ancient TCM classic.  The lecture will take the participants into the Neijing with distinct attention to the details of theory and a newfound understanding of its important concepts that may have been ignored in clinical daily practice.

Dr. Yang will discuss clinical cases used to understand the Neijing’s important concepts and will provide very useful technical demonstration to discover the truths hidden in this great medical work.  After the lecture, attendees will feel their minds opened and their view of treatment widened more than before.  They will move forward with increased confidence when treating varying types of disorders and diseases in their practice.

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