Small Fullness Xiǎo Mǎn 小满 

Small Fullness or Xiǎo Mǎn (Chinese: 小满 ) is the eighth of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms. Also commonly referred to in English as “Grain Buds”, this period is so named because the summer grain crops in China begin to grow more fully during this time. According to Chinese mythology, this is the birthday of the god of silkworms, and has been celebrated by silkworm breeders hoping for a good harvest. Xiǎo Mǎn is the commencement of hot and humid days, and also the time of year when everything thrives, including the human body. Physiological processes are at their most active.
Here are some useful health cultivation tips for Xiǎo Mǎn (Small Fullness):
1. Consume foods that expel dampness and heat like corn, melons, mung beans, celery, cilantro, lily bulbs and Osmanthus. Avoid fried foods and greasy meats as these increase heat and dampness. Mulberries are in season during this time, and are good sources of gentle yin and blood tonics.
2. Avoid dramatic fluctuations in moods and emotions. As summer is the time of heat, it is important to maintain a happy and stable state of mind, perhaps through outdoor activities while the good weather lasts
3. During these warmer summer days, our body uses more energy. A short 30- minute nap after lunch will help recover energy quickly. Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat fruit to stay hydrated.
4. Be mindful of digestive disorders. During this time of year, cold from below may mix with damp and heat from above and bind in the middle burner leading to a number of ailments including diarrhea, nausea, poor appetite, and fatigue. Warm congee in the morning can be a welcome and delicious remedy.

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