Shannon Lawrence

April 11, 2017

Shannon graduated from Yo San in August 2016. She is the owner and founder of 8 Rivers Acupuncture in Los Angeles, CA. Shannon has treated patients in the Yo San University clinic, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and Being Alive West Hollywood. Shannon not only has a passion for healing and education but found a

Brandon Blair

February 24, 2017

  As Director of Development & External Affairs at YSU, Brandon is responsible for fostering the advancement of YSU through private financial support and services of individuals, corporations and foundations, as well as building relationships with our Alumni. Prior to joining YSU, Brandon held several Development and External Affairs positions that included appointments at the

Joe DeNeal

February 10, 2017

Director, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs A seasoned sales and marketing executive, Joe started his management career at Target Corporation and then his sales career at a technology start-up where he was able to lead his sales team to become top producers. Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised along the East Coast, Joe earned his

Marguerite Dunne

August 16, 2016

Marguerite Dunne is a Yo San  Administrative Assistant. She is a native of Ireland and also lived in the U.K. before coming to live in the U.S. Her background is in publishing/advertising sales and she has worked for major publishing companies such Rodale Press and Hearst publications.

Ed Mervine

Ed Mervine

Ed Mervine completed a MA in American History at Akron University and had twenty plus years experience delivering exceptional student service in large and small colleges and universities prior to joining Yo San University in 2002.

Tora Worapan Flint

  Tora Worapan Flint earned her Bachelor Degree in Mass Communications from Chiang Mai University in Thailand and Master’s degree in Global Marketing Communication from Emerson College in Boston.