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Learn from a legacy of 38 generations at Yo San University

Ancient wisdom and
modern medicine from
a lineage of 38 generations.

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Meet the students and alumni
Of Yo San University

Yo San is a place where people learn what they want to manifest in life. We provide the tools that allow one to make a contribution, to help others in your everyday life.

Watch the videos below as our students describe the experience.

Michele Lafontaine:
when people need help

“Yo San has given me a community, and the tools to help others. When people need help, I now have answers.”
Listen to a 30 second message from Michele Lafontaine

Paramjit Kaur Samra:
learning to manifest tender care.

“The first time I walked into Yo San, I felt that there was a place where they would teach me what I want to manifest in life.”
Listen to a 30 second message from Paramjit Kaur Samra

Amanda Gaituad, DAOM alumna:
this incredible connection.

“I walked into the classroom and we made this instant connection, and we’ve had this incredible community that developed.” Listen to a 30 second message from our Lac and DAOM alumna, Amanda Gaituad

Dr. Kumiko Yamamoto:
the day I walked in

“Dr. Mao said, ‘welcome to the family,’ and I knew this is where I am supposed to be.” Listen to a 30 second message from our DAOM alumna,
Dr. Kumiko Yamamoto

"A healer first needs to recognize positive life energy, to practice the subtle power of regeneration, which is the force we call Tao." Hua Ching Ni, Yo San University Chancellor Emeritus

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Jason Moskovitz:
a relationship based on trust.

“Some would say that trust between a patient and practitioner isn’t a teachable quality, but I disagree.” Listen to a 30 second message from our graduate, Jason Moskovitz, MATCM, Lac, Dipl OM

The success of our graduates.

“Every one of our students represents the next generation of healers in our family.” Listen to a 30 second message from our founders, Dr. Mao Shing Ni, and Dr. Daoshing Ni

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We regularly schedule personal tours of the Yo San campus which give you the opportunity to sit in on a class, ask questions, and meet other students who are on the path of becoming an exceptional practitioner of the healing arts.

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At Yo San University we train healers, not just technicians. This is what makes the educational experience unique." Mao Shing Ni, cofounder Yo San University

Michael Maguire, DAOM
when I wake up in the morning

“20 years after graduating from Yo San, I feel great about what I do for a living.” Listen to a 30 second message from our graduate, Michael Maguire, DAOM, Lac

Chris Griswold:
the healing experience.

“The first time I walked in here, it was so peaceful that I immediately felt the healing experience.” Listen to a 20 second message from our student, Chris Griswold