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Teaching clinics Yo San University

Teaching clinics
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integrative health care.

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On Campus:
the Award Winning Blount Community Clinic.

Voted “Best Acupuncture Center” of  the Westside four years in a row (2015-2018), our specialty clinics include Pediatrics, Women’s Health and Reproduction, Orthopedics and Pain, and Healthy Aging and Internal Medicine.

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We regularly schedule personal tours of the Blount Community Clinic at the Yo San campus. Learn more about our exceptional teaching clinic.

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Giving back
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The legacy of Yo San continues in our clinic. Learn about clinical internships at Yo San University Blount Community Clinic
Listen to a 40 second message from Dr. Daoshing Ni and Dr. Lawrence Lau

"The best practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine is skilled at forseeing the development and progression of disease, acting for prevention, and strengthening the natural healing process." - Hua Ching Ni, Yo San University Founder

Our clinical partnerships:
world renowned health care.

“We are committed to helping our students become better doctors.”
Listen to a 30 second message from our cofounder, Dr. Daoshing Ni