Female Yo San University Students discussing course work.
Inspiring the generation of healthcare practitioners.

Becoming the Medicine

Many students gain an experience at Yo San University in California they will never forget. The personal journey they embark on is one that is both rich and fulfilling.
Students learn techniques that have been passed down over 38 generations, and develop the ability to optimize healthiness by observing and managing changes in a patient’s health.

Hear from students and graduates about their experience at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Bita Yadidi

This place is very special and magical. I feel very blessed and grateful to be able to receive this kind of medicine. And also the Ni family, 37 generations and getting that transmitted to us, that ancient wisdom that we seem to forget. I’m grateful to receive that.

Bita Yadidi, L.Ac. Yo San University Doctoral Student

I chose YSU because of the Qi program. It is what made it stand out from the other educational programs I researched.

YSU did an excellent job at combining a strong Western foundation with an exceptional Chinese medical program. I transferred to YSU from another school that thought teaching Western medicine was not necessary. YSU’s program integrated the two, which felt more complete to me. Also, the nutrition program at YSU is what initiated my love of nutrition as a healing modality. YSU provided me the solid foundational understanding of Chinese medicine that I needed to succeed, not only at passing my Boards, but also to continue to succeed and grow as a successful healthcare provider.

Cari Schaefer, L.Sc. Author, The Food Solution
Cari Schaefer

I spent over 5 years of my life here. The teachers and staff were beyond compare. The experiences I shared within those walls were the most rewarding of my life. I met the most inspirational people; we shared our joy, our pain, our laughter, our tears. This place was truly a home away from home and a family like no other.

Pamela Kiraly

The teachers and staff are great – knowledgeable and friendly. The internships and externships available to students help prepare us for the real life challenges of working with different communities.

Denise Cicuto, L. Ac

Clinic Testimonials

Yo San in general is a place that feels like home. And the students and the staff and everybody makes you feel that way. Besides giving quality health care, you also get to meet some quality individuals and I think it’s a great environment to be treated.

Jameel Moksa - Yo San University Clinical Intern

Best acupuncture treatment ever! Dr. Brady Chin is amazing. He helped me with my arthritis, insomnia, anxiety, and drug addiction. This clinic has literally saved my life. So grateful to have found it.

Karen Keating

I love Yo San! I just finished a treatment with Lisa Gridley for shoulder and foot pain. Her approach is very personal and the treatment was successful. The staff and clinicians are all extremely warm and friendly. Highly recommend.

Chris Mahan

I have seen both the Physicians and the interns and always a great experience.

Trina McGrath